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What is futureSME?

  • It is a organisation-led transformation programme.
  • It identified best practices and disciplines from highly successful businesses.
  • It designed a means by which these practices can be applied to any SME.
  • It is accredited by the University of Strathclyde.
  • It creates a culture which lasts beyond the programme and which supports sustainable growth.


What will your future SME look like?

  • You will have established goals with clear strategies for delivery.
  • Your companies management skills will be enhanced at all levels.
  • The skills of all employees will be more readily identified and more effectively harnessed.
  • You will have a company wide shared vision of success.
  • Business disciplines will become imbedded in your business.
  • You will anticipate change and manage it before your competitors.
  • You will have measured success in your business – allowing you to plan your next phase of growth.

A futureSME is an adaptive organisation, able to anticipate change in its environment and to develop and deliver innovative responses quicker than the competition.

Where do I start?

Browse this portal to learn more about the futureSME resources, the benefits of being a registered user and how to gain futureSME accreditation through our support programmes.

 How futuresme works

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