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A3 Reports

A3 Reports

Author/Source: Lean Enterprise Institute Polska - Zofia Maśluszczak

Format: e-learning

Cost: FREE


A3 reports are simple but powerful tool used by Toyota and many other world class manufacturers to solve problems, advance proposals and update status. The idea behind is to summarize all the necessary information about the issue on a single page of paper (usually A3 size). It should be concise, based on data and visual that means describing most of the information using graphics, sketches and charts. A3 standardize the information flow within the company. It makes it easier for you to understand others and make others understand you. Because of its standard format A3 leads to effective countermeasures and solutions based on facts and data and additionally clarifies the link between true problems and countermeasures. It also serves as an organizational learning tool, encourages mentoring and develops good habits of structured thinking about problems. The case study presents how A3 reports can be used to solve problems, the main parts of the report as well as the results that were achieved.

A3 Reports

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selex_logistics -
Very useful and simple material that I will be making my directs read and encourage them to use a structure for problem solving.
GGaruti -
Very clear and simple, even for people new to the topic.
davidjohn2121 -
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