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The Affinity Interrelationship Method - AIM

The Affinity Interrelationship Method - AIM

Author/Source: Associate Professor Sverker Alänge - Chalmers University of Technology

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Are you in need of an easy to use problem solving tool? Then this tool might be the answer! The affinity-interrelationship method (AIM) is a powerful tool that uses qualitative data to analyze a specific question (an issue or a problem) and thus facilitate the understanding of the root-cause to the issue or problem. The method is performed in a standardized manner and it normally includes 4-8 participants during 1-4 hours (depending on experience). The method incorporates brainstorming and uses visual components such as post-its and creates a visual representation of the results. The tool can be used in every aspect of your business and is therefore a very versatile tool that can help you to answer questions you have been struggling with.

Above are 4 videoes of companies that have used the AIM methology. The first two are in English, the second two are in Swedish.

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