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Organisational Learning Assessment Tool

Organisational Learning Assessment Tool

Author/Source: Karl Warner - University of Strathclyde

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In a recent Harvard Business Review article, Garvin et al (2008) state in the future, organisational learning will become a company’s main source of competitiveness. Since products, services and even processes can be imitated, if a firm can learn and adapt faster than the competition, they are more likely to survive and stay ahead in the marketplace

Please complete this assessment tool to determine if you have the correct processes in place to become a learning organisation. Please dedicate at least one hour to this exercise and involve both the management team and staff members to build a balanced assessment of your organisation. Once you have completed this assessment tool, you will be provided with an indication if your firm is on its way to becoming a learning organisation. Please refer to the additional content within the organisational learning section that provides advice and support in achieving this goal.

Organisational Learning Assessment Tool

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This is a fantastic tool and helped our business tremendously!