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Value Stream Mapping for Production

Value Stream Mapping for Production

Author/Source: Lean Enterprise Institute Poland

Format: e-learning

Cost: FREE


Would you like to know which steps in your production process add value to the product, and which do not? How to linkage information flow and material flow? How to distinguish product family in your business? This Flash file tool will help your business to identify source of waste in the production process, and understand how the production can be improved by the implementation of FIFO lanes, and supermarket pull system. Moreover you will be able to measure the takt time, indentify which steps in production process can be shortened, and how to draw current and future state map. Value Stream Mapping for Production is a web-based, user friendly e-learning course providing theoretical and practical knowledge on how to draw a current and future state map, and based on it how to improve the production in your business. Use the powerfull tool which is used in lots of manufacturing companies in all over the world.

Value Stream Mapping for Production

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