Adaptive enterprise


What is it?

An adaptive enterprise is a high value, strategically focused firm that is operationally excellent  and demonstrates high levels of resilience with the ability to transform its business model in response to opportunities and threats in the operating environment. 

In other words...A business that understands its customers and gives them what they want (better than their competitors) whilst being operationally excellent, but when the business environment shifts they can survive a drop in performance and make major changes quickly to regain their competitive position or exploit new opportunities.

Adaptive enterprises are underpinned by strategic, operational, managerial, and adaptive capability.

What distinguishes adaptive enterprises from other companies?

Adaptive enterprises have eight key distinguishing features:

•High value
•Strategically focused
•Operationally excellent
•Open and participative leadership
•Aware of the business environment

What is it?


Why is it important?


How do I use it in my business?


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