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Best Practice Case Studies

IT - Lean Production

Case study on Glasgow based SME Castle Precision Engineering that takes a look at how important IT systems can be for SMEs.


Six Sigma.

Case study of work done by the partnership on Washco company. Washco a small business that specialized in washing small industrial containers.Read the full story by downloading the PDF document on the right hand side.

Washco Case Study

Continuous Improvement.

 Using IT to drive Continuous Improvement. A case study on how Highland Spring Group used IT on the shop-floor to improve quality and reduce unit costs.


Produktionslyftet (PL) is a stimulating case to study, not in least because the programme has been involved with changes in over 100 companies. The original Produktionslyftet (PL1) was initiated in 2007 and worked with 60 companies before its end in 2010. PL2 was started in 2010, and involves 40 companies (as of May 2011) which are planned to be expanded to 100 companies before the programme end in late 2012.

ProduktionsLyftet Case Study