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Capability Diagnostic

How can you really tell how well your business is performing? Financial and production measures show you the results but understanding what is behind the figures is vital to continuously improve. The FutureSME business diagnostic assess your business in terms of four key capabilities that underpin an adaptive enterprise, the key to competing in the 21st century – strategy, operations, management, and adaptability. To assess these capabilities, eight indicators are used which collectively show the adaptive footprint of your business:

Who is it for?

The Capability Diagnostic can be completed in several ways. Trials with SMEs has shown that most value can be gained by using the tool as a driver for discussions within a management team (and external board if applicable) – in actually going through the diagnostic questions together everyone gains an insight into various aspects of the business and a common understanding of strengths and weaknesses can be achieved. It also proves a useful input into strategy discussions. 

We also suggest that where possible you involve an external facilitator to guide you through the diagnostic and enable everyone to participate. This may be someone you already work with, or you may want to invite a consultant or account manager from your local regional development agency. For help on partnering with someone, click here. You can download the facilitation guide here.    

Of course, you can complete the diagnostic yourself and share the findings with your colleagues and management team, using it to inform decision making. It would also be insightful to ask your colleagues to complete it independently then compare your responses. Not everyone always perceives things in the same way!

How do I do it?

Depending on how you complete it, the diagnostic should take between 40 minutes and 2 hours (clearly discussing each question and response will extend the completion time).  The questions are divided into nine sections, corresponding to the eight indicators listed above, along with a section capturing information about your company (such as location, size and so on). You can complete the questions all in one go, or save your answers and return later. A progress bar will show you how complete your diagnostic is. Once all questions have been answered, you can generate the output report which begins with an executive summary highlighting key priorities for you to address, and provides a snapshot of your adaptive footprint. The remainder of the report details the results of your diagnosis. 

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