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Certification Awards

Certification is awarded by the University of Strathclyde to individuals and companies, which can demonstrate knowledge and performance in the application of futureSME within business.
Individual certification is awarded at three levels – Knowledge, Practitioner and Coach.
In addition, a company can apply for certification of its practices to the futureSME standard.

Knowledge Certificate:

This on-line, multiple choice test demonstrates an understanding of the futureSME philosophy and methodologies. The Knowledge Certificate is a requisite for both Practitioner and Coach Certification.

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Practitioner Certificate:

The Practitioner certificate is awarded to individuals who have a practical knowledge of futureSME, who have applied it within an organisation and who have documented the results in a short case study.

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Coach Certificate:

The Coach certificate is awarded to individuals who are steeped in the philosophy and application of futureSME across multiple businesses, who have guided practitioners in the implementation of futureSME and who have submitted a detailed dissertation which is evaluated and approved by a futureSME Master Coach.

Coach certification is obligatory for facilitating futureSME introduction and implementation within companies.

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Company Certificate:

A company can apply for certification to the futureSME standard after a period of time embedding the processes and practices within the organisation. futureSME certification provides recognition and proof to employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders that the organisation operates to the highest standards of performance, flexibility and adaptability, while achieving outstanding results. The certification process involves an on-site assessment of practices and results by an independent futureSME coach.

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