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How Does futureSME Work?

futureSME - Transformation Process

The futureSME Transformation Process consists of three continuous phases where your business will think, act and reflect together in an open and inclusive way.

This continuous process will support your business build the core capabilities needed to adapt to an ever changing business environment. With these core capabilities in place, your business will demonstrate the characteristics of an adaptive enterprise.

When involved in the futureSME Transformation Process, your business will be introduced to various tools including a Capability Diagnostic, Visual Strategy and Visual Management Systems and many more process specific tools to facilitate the transformation. These critical resources are all available on this portal.

The benefits of the futureSME Transformation Process increases every time the cycle is repeated. To take full advantage of the futureSME Transformation Process, we recommend a full cycle should be repeated every 3 months. This continuous process will then ensure the common values of Thinking, Acting and Reflecting together are deeply and widely embedded in your business.

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