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futureSME Explained - Why Is It Important?

futureSME is a support programme for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) built on research that survival and growth is best achieved when organisations can adapt to change.

At futureSME, our aim is to enable SMEs transform into adaptive enterprises. An adaptive enterprise is one which looks at their business in a different way. Rather than prescribing a one-size fits all formula, we have identified the core capabilities your business needs to build to achieve long-term business performance.

These core capabilities are:


Why is it important?- managerial

The ability to create a culture that is conducive to both employee development and business growth i.e. Individual and Collective Transformation. This is the core element of the futureSME Transformation Programme.


Why is it important? - strategic

The ability to shape and embed a customer focused guiding vision, supported by a clear operating model and a profit formula, balancing opportunistic short-term actions with proactive long-term behaviour.


Why is it important? - Operational

The ability to align critical processes, resources and technologies to the overall guiding vision, and deliver these processes effectively and efficiently.


Why is it important? - Adaptive

The ability to mobilise the Managerial, Operational and Strategic capabilities by rapidly changing the organisation to adapt to and shape the emerging environment.

How does it work?

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