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Lalui - Measuring the Strength of a Workplace

Measuring the Strength of a Workplace

Author/Source: Lalui s.r.o - Dr Ardawan Lalui

Format: YouTube Video

Cost: FREE


This short video, 10:57 Minutes, on “Measuring the Strength of a Workplace” is part of the Leadership Series, 6th of 12 videos in total. 

 The Video briefly: 

  1. Asserts that the manager is the critical player in building a strong workplace
  2. Explains the four questions that an employee tends to ask during his/her career
  3. Explores the difference between a “good” manager versus a “great” manager
  4. Explains how to measure the strength of a workplace using a simple questionnaire. The “Strength of a Workplace Questionnaire” can be downloaded from the FutureSME Tool Store. 

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