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Lalui - Succession Planning

Succession Planning

Author/Source: Lalui s.r.o - Dr Ardawan Lalui

Format: YouTube Video

Cost: FREE


This short video, 2:43 Minutes, on “Succession Planning” is part of the Leadership Series, 11th of 12 videos in total. 

In this video the following assumptions are made: 

  1. The framework for transformation, including visual strategy and visual management, is established in the company
  2. The Collaborative Decision Making is embraced at all levels
  3. The elements of Think Together is understood and embraced by all teams
  4. A dynamic structure, including an advisory board, is in place. 

If your answer to all four assumptions is yes, all you need to do is to decide who the successor is and train and mentor him/her till he/she is ready to take over. 

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