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  • Leap to deliver futureSME business process in Ireland

    by FutureSME Admn | Mar 21, 2014

    Galway-based management development organisation Leap is to deliver the futureSME business process in Ireland.

    Read more about this exciting development.


  • First group of mentors trained in the futureSME Transformation methodology

    by FutureSME Admin | Nov 13, 2013

    On the 11th November, 2013 Dr Ardawan Lalui completed training of the first group of mentors in the futureSME Transformation methodology. Run over 3 days with futureSME’s partner in Ireland, LEAP, the programme trained these experience professionals to work one-on-one with SMEs throughout Ireland. The mentors will be a core part of the Management Works programme, which will be jointly delivered by LEAP and futureSME to over 200 companies in 2014. This programme is geared to the CEOs and management of micro and small companies focused on helping them transform their businesses. For further information, please email Mentor training.


  • futureSME Associate training program

    by FutureSME Admin | Oct 21, 2013

    futureSME is running a training program for advisors and mentors in the futureSME Transformation Centre during October and November. The objective is to develop mentors / advisors who can support companies with implementing futureSME Transformation in their businesses. The first session is on Monday, October 21st, with others planned for November 4th and 11th.

    Dr Ardawan Lalui will facilitate the training. The current program is fully booked.

    Assessor Training

    If you are interested in becoming a futureSME associate, please email info@futuresme.eu.

  • futureSME Transformation Centre opens in Galway

    by FutureSME Admin | Oct 21, 2013

    futureSME recently launched its first Transformation Centre in Ireland. The transformation centre will be used as a training and mentoring base for companies adopting the futureSME Transformation Methodology for optimising business performance. The transformation centre has the capacity to hold up to 15 trainees per session. It is located in the Parkmore Technology Park which is situated close to the M6 on the outskirts of Galway.

    Training Facility

     For more information, please email info@futuresme.eu.

  • futureSME Konya

    by Bryan Kearney | Feb 06, 2013

    The futureSME team visited the city of Konya in November 2012 to work with the SHOEcoll Leonardo da Vinci project. SHOEcoll is aimed at helping companies in the shoe sector in Konya to improve their competitiveness through collaborating. futureSME worked with a pilot group of companies from the Konya shoe cluster, bringing them through the first cycle of the Transformation Process. The companies were delighted with the experience and will be continuing in 2013. It is planned to eventually roll out the programme to other companies within the cluster. 

    Please contact Selcuk Karayel to get more information on SHOEcoll. Please contact Dr Ardawan Lalui for more information on the futureSME Transformation Process.

    SHOEcoll logo