futureSME Capability Development Programme, 2nd Polish edition 

 26th -27th September 2012, 9th -11th October 2012, 25th October 2012, Wroclaw, Poland

We would like to invite owners, directors, high level managers of small or medium enterprises to participate in the practical 6-day Capability Development Programme, which is organized by Lean Enterprises Institute Polska, a key research partner within futureSME project. 

The programme aims to develop SME management teams to achieve excellence in strategy deployment, operations and leadership. Participants will diagnose their business using Business Diagnostic tool, learn how to adapt faster to changes in external business environment, how to create a long term strategy plan using Visual Strategy, and how to increase effectiveness continuously. 

 The programme consists of two parts:

Part 1: 

 Adaptive Strategy

Part 2: 

Operational Excellence

More information about the Polish Edition of Capability Development Programme you can find on the official website (in Polish) http://lean.org.pl/lang/pl/msp/program-rozwoju-kluczowych-zdolnosci-firmy-ii-edycja. 

Contact Information: 

e-mail: msp@lean.org.pl, info@futuresme.eu , phone: 48 71 798 57 33