Capability Development Programme: Turin, Italy – May/June 2012 Ten Italian manufacturing Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have participated in the Italian pilot edition of the futureSME core Capability Development Programme, which took place in Turin, Italy. Aimed at developing SME management teams to achieve excellence in operations, strategy, leadership and adaptability through highly interactive workshops in a friendly environment, the Programme was run on 3 days (23rd and 24th of May, 12th of June 2012), and consisted of three main modules: 

  1. Adaptive Enterprises – Diagnosing Your Business 
  2. Learning from practice – A Company Visit Programme 
  3. Developing Leadership & Strategy 

The speakers were members of the futureSME consortium: Dr. Derek Little (Strathclyde University, Scotland), Luca Grivet Foiaia, David Brunelleschi and Stefania Di Nino (Ernst & Young Business School, Italy). 

 The Core Programme consisted of an introduction to the concepts of adaptive enterprise and of horizon scanning, contextualized into the local environment; a company visit to Progetti s.r.l., an Italian SME awarded in 2011 as best practice example in the area of Turin (“Chiave a stella” award to manufacturing excellence); and also a session dedicated to leadership, strategy and change management. The participants also completed the futureSME full Business Diagnostic for their companies and had the possibility to discover the visual strategy tool.

The Programme was evaluated in a very positive way by the participants as shown in the graphs presented below: 

Workshop Evaluation Questionnaire - Day 1

Workshop Evaluation Questionnaire - Day 3