Transformation Process: follow up

Following a successful introduction seminar in November 2011, a number of companies in the Shannon region are undertaking the futureSME transformation process. The companies range from tool making to provider of high quality broadband. As part of the futureSME transformation process a futureSME advisor has been working with these companies using the Visual strategy methodology. The Visual Strategy methodology is used to provide a guiding vision, to scan the external environment, to identify and display the key performance indicators, and to provide a strategy map in order to assist the companies to move successfully from one milestone to the next.. Their visual strategy has also identified key operational projects that the organisations should implement. In some cases these involved the implementation of a Lean Value Stream Mapping project, in another it involved the development of a marketing plan using Business model canvas methodology. These implementations are ongoing and are providing valuable knowledge, skills and insight to the participating companies. 

“The transformation framework made us focus on where we want to be as a company and the visuals have played a big part in this. We are now much more focused and decisive in our actions. In addition, continuous improvement and a willingness to adapt have become part of our culture. Each manager has bought in wholeheartedly and we are creating heroes in every role. It is challenging to change, but somehow, this programme has made it easier.” 

Marie Clifford, MD, Advanced Technical Concepts 

“I thought the biggest block would be the so called soft skills. This is not the case and what really made it for my management group was the shared values. We now have a consistent message throughout the organisation and we're getting a lot more feedback and buy in from all levels.” 

Sean Ryan, General Manager, Thormac 

The future SME transformation process is discussed in the clip below.