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Guide to Buying IT Systems

Guide to Buying IT Systems

Author/Source: Simply Collaboration Ltd - Dr. Ian Gregory

Format: e-learning

Cost: FREE


For many manufacturing SMEs buying a new IT system can be a major challenge. This e-learning  tool has been developed to help you to get to grips with this. IT is a highly complex and rapidly changing area of business. Our approach in this tool is to help you through the thinking process of deciding whether or not an IT system is right for you, and then helping you to choose a suitable system and contract with the vendor.

The lessons are:

Getting the system I really need provides guidance on the best ways to use IT in your business and provides case studies of how some of our partners and other companies have successfully used IT to enhance their business.

Choosing an IT System leads you through the process of buying an IT system.

These are supported by lessons in areas of detail.

Understanding trade-offs helps you to decide what is important to you when deciding between different systems.

Types of IT system available provides an overview of the types of system on the market and what they do.

Customising a system provides guidance on how to manage the process of developing a customised system.

There are also supporting tools:

IT Business Case

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