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Value Stream Mapping for Office

Value Stream Mapping for Office

Author/Source: Lean Enterprise Institute Poland - Malorzata Goral

Format: e-learning

Cost: FREE


Would you like your business to be effective? And if so, do you know your processes well enough to uncover waste and get rid of it on your way to perfection? This e-learning tool will help you thoroughly understand office and service-related processes you work in every day. Apart from allowing you to see the sources of waste in your own value streams, it shows the method of how to continuously improve it. Value Stream Mapping for the Office is a web-based e-learning course describing of one of the Lean tools – Value Stream Mapping. The course provides working knowledge of how to use the Value Stream Mapping in the office environment and shows how to benefit from it. Experience the method developed over hundreds of offices in almost every industry!

Value Stream Mapping for Office

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