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Operational - Collaboration

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  • What is it?

    Collaboration involves two or more organisations working together to achieve goals by sharing knowledge, competencies, learning and other resources. For small companies, it involves cooperating with other entities to achieve outcomes that are difficult to attain in isolation. Collaboration requires strong leadership from one of the partners.

  • Why is it important?

    Collaboration helps to: 

    • Reduce the time to deliver planned outcomes 
    • Reduce the risk for each of the partners  
    • Eliminate the need to invest in developing new competencies 

    Only pursue collaboration if one or more of these is a requirement for your organisation.

  • How do I use it in my business?

    Collaboration should be an integral part of your strategic planning process. When you determine your strategic goals and objectives, you should critically examine these in terms of: 

    • Make: Do it all internally, 
    • Buy: Contract it out to a 3rd party, or 
    • Co-deliver: Collaborate with one or more parties. 

    Refer to the ‘Collaborating in Business’ manual for more information on our recommended approach, outlined here:

    Resources Step 1

    Access if collaboration is suited to your organisation's culture.
    Collaboration Manual and the Collaboration Assessment.

    Resources Step 2

    Assess potential opportunities and required competencies.
    Collaboration Manual and the Internal Analysis Tool.

    Resources Step 3

    Assess potential partners and set up partnerships.
    Collaboration Manual.

    Resources Step 4

    Manage the collaboration project.
    Collaboration Manual and the Collaboration Widget on the futureSME portal.

    Resources Step 5

    Evaluate the completed collaboration project.
    Collaboration Manual.

Case study on RTR electronics

Click below to view the RTR Electronics case study:

Case Study: TyreWoodBlock

A collaboration project between a saw-miller and a pallet manufacturer which created a new type of pallet block, using recycled woodchip and tyre derived waste