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Operational - Digital Manufacturing

  • futureSME tools for Digital Manufacturing

  • What is it?

    Digital manufacturing involves integrating the use of automated systems, processes and tools in the management, design, manufacturing and after-sales processes to rapidly deliver a high quality product or service to market.

  • Why is it important?

    It can help to: 

    • Reduce costs 
    • Reduce the time taken to fulfil orders 
    • Provide a new and unique offering
  • How do I use it in my business?

    In concert with the Strategy Map and Operating Model, the firm can look to Digital Manufacturing technologies to:

    • Optimise existing capability
    • Develop unique capability within the business from 'add-ons' to core systems
    • Identify new investment potential that 'changes the game' from end-to-end

    We have developed a short paper that will help you consider opportunities for Digital Manufacturing within your business. The links identified below take you to websites for some of the producers of Additive Manufacturing equipment and organisations using Digital Manufacturing.

  • Further Guidance

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