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  • What is it?

    Marketing is not just about promoting what you have created, it is also about:

    • How you communicate with customers and prospects 
    • The continuous process of identifying and fulfilling customer needs 
    • How to gain competitive advantage

  • Why is it important?

    Marketing helps you to:

    • Generate revenue 
    • Understand what your customer wants so you can deliver it 
    • Determine your Unique Selling Point (USP) so you can win and retain business 
    • Build your reputation and brand, and maintain relationships with your customers so they are confident when parting with their money

  • How do I use it in my business?

    You can easily implement an effective marketing strategy without it costing too much. Follow these steps. You will find some helpful tools in the Recommended Apps and Additional Apps sections below.

    Resources Step 1

    Define your strategy and objectives.
    Strategy, SWOT and Research.

    Resources Step 2

    Determine your marketing orientation.
    Marketing Audit, Marketing Mix and Value-add Test.

    Resources Step 3

    Assess your current competitive status.
    Value Matrix and Product 'Deconstruction'.

    Resources Step 4

    Identify your competitive advantage or USP.
    Intellectual Property Audit, Percepual Mapping and Brand.

    Resources Step 5

    Plan for success.
    Market Plan and Tool Action Table.

    Resources Step 6

    Refine your value proposition.

    Resources Step 7

    Sustain your competiveness.
    Word of Mouth, Marketing Mix and Brand Management.

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