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Operational - Process Management

  • futureSME tools for Process Management

  • What is it?

    Process management provides a set of tools and methods to enable SMEs to create, manage and improve their processes to achieve company goals effectively and efficiently. The recommended methods are derived from the best practices of Lean Management and Six Sigma.

  • Why is it important?

    Efficient processes enable you to provide more reliable products and services:

    • Faster 
    • With fewer resources 
    • At a lower cost 

    They also facilitate rapid adaption to the ever-changing business environment. An embedded continuous improvement system is critical in improving manufacturing processes faster than competitors.

  • How do I use it in my business?

    We selected several simple but powerful tools to enable you, without any significant investment, to design and improve your production and office processes according to your business priorities. 

    To start improving your processes using Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma:

    Resources Step 1

    Define your improvement targets derived from your visual strategy.
    Visual Strategy and Operational Boards.

    Resources Step 2

    Understand, define and create an improvement plan for your processes door-to-door.
    Value Stream Mapping for Manufacturing or Office.

    Resources Step 3

    Improve your processes to increase quality and reduce time and cost.
    Six Sigma, FMEA, SPC and A3 Reports.

    Resources Step 4

    Establish a continuous improvement system to sustain changes and implement new improvements.
    Change Management.

Watch a video on Value Stream Mapping.

For production, a key Lean Manufacturing tool that successfully implemented the process of remanufacturing ink cartridges at the Black Point company.

Remigiusz Horbal of LEI Poland introduces Lean management

Consultants from SMAS, the Scottish Manufacturing Advisory Service, give an overview of Lean manufacturing