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Six Sigma for SME's

Re-work, scrap and warranty costs are only the tip of the iceberg resulting from bad quality. Six Sigma is a powerful method, reducing costs of poor quality and ultimately leading companies into the future.

This toolkit serves as an overall introduction to Six Sigma. You will be familiarized to the concept, how it works in SMEs, and also shown a few cases showing successful implementations.

This is not a full Six Sigma training course. It is, however, a comprehensive introduction. After viewing this you will know what it is all about when your business partners discuss Six Sigma, Process Variation, Belts and Inspection Costs. It will perhaps also inspire you to investigate the possibility of full training.

Lesson 1: General Introduction

After this lesson you will know what Cost of Poor Quality is, why it is important to understand that processes in your company always vary, and that you can start to control the processes rather than having the processes control you.



Lesson 2: Six Sigma in SMEs

This lesson breaks down Six Sigma into its parts: DMAIC, Belts, Bottom Line Focus, Customer Focus, Decisions based on Facts, Reduction of Variation, and the Six Sigma Toolbox. You will see the strengths of the different parts and especially how these used together can help you do what you do, but even better.



Lesson 3: Six Sigma Case Studies

This final lesson contains several cases from a company that successfully began exploiting the benefits that Six Sigma can give. It demonstrates that you by employing Six Sigma projects can reap many benefits, expected and unexpected.