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Financial Trend Analysis

Financial Trend Analysis

Author/Source: Sirius Concepts Ltd

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The Financial Trend Analysis performs the following functions:

  • Three years historical Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet information are input to create a graphical trend analysis. Trends are presented in 5 charts and a summary "Scorecard"
  • The latest actual figures from the historical analysis are used as a baseline for a three year plan. The plan is created by "what if" adjustments on key assumptions such as sales price, sales volumes, capital expenditure etc. The plan is presented in both traditional P&L/Balance Sheet/Cash Flow format and graphically, including a projected "Scorecard";
  • Historical and planned figures are combined to give six year summaries. All of these functions are accessed from the main menu that also provides a flow diagram showing where input begins and how this leads to the creation of the graphs, scorecard and reports.

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