Capability Development Program

Duration: 3 Days

Delivery: In-house or public workshop – can be tailored to company needs

Location: Glasgow, Scotland UK

Date: 02.10.2012 (Day 1)
Date: 11.10.2012 (Day 2)
Date: 30.10.2012 (Day 3)
Date: 06.11.2012 (Option 4)
Date: 15.11.2012 (Option 5)
Date: 20.11.2012 (Option 6)

Location: Glasgow, Scotland UK

Date: 19.02.2013 (Day 1)
Date: 05.03.2013 (Day 2)
Date: 19.03.2013 (Day 3)
Date: 18.04.2013 (Option 4)
Date: 30.04.2013 (Option 5)
Date: 14.05.2013 (Option 6)


This programme aims to develop SME management teams to achieve excellence in operations, strategy, leadership and adaptability through highly interactive workshops in a friendly environment.

Learn from well researched and proven tools and concepts with the opportunity to interact with your peers and share experiences. The programme will provide you with the quality time and space to think strategically about your business outside of the daily distractions.

In summary the capability development program allows you to review how your business is doing today so that you can develop the key strategic changes required to ensure that your business competes effectively for tomorrow.


To discuss the particular needs of your organization please e-mail
Alternatively, contact our local representative, who can be found on the contact page.