Diagnosing Your Business - CP1.

Duration: 1 Day

Delivery: In-house or public workshop – can be tailored to company needs.


High value adaptive companies – Visualising your company – Thinking about the future – Capability diagnostic.

This is the first of the core workshops, which comprises of three separate but interrelated 1 day workshops that are designed to deliver the foundations. You will learn about the capabilities that make successful companies different, you will conduct a capability diagnostic of your organisation, you will be facilitated to look at your organisation under a different light. In addition we offer a series of In-company workshops aimed at helping organisations in their transformation journey. Each programme is tailored to the specific development needs of the organisation.

The Diagnosing Your Business workshop is a 1 day event normally from 9.0 – 17.00 with all materials, lunch and coffee / tea / water provided as part of the costs.


To discuss the particular needs of your organization please e-mail derek.little@strath.ac.uk
Alternatively, contact our local representative, who can be found on the contact page.

For further information you can download an additional document by clicking here.

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Diagnosing Your Business (CP 1) - This workshop provides a unique opportunity for taking a strategic look at your business and assessing your businesses readiness to deal with future uncertainties (duration 1 day). 6th