Value Stream Mapping for Production Details

Duration: 1 Day

Delivery: In-house tailored workshops

Date: 18.09.2012      Location: Sauer Danfoss, Bielany Wroclawskie, Poland
Date: 04.12.2012      Location: Timken, Sosnowiec, Poland


The value stream is defined as all the actions currently required to bring a product through the production system from raw material into the arms of the customer. During the value stream mapping workshop, participants learn on the example of ACME company about the method used for analysis of the production processes which is focused on continuous flow, the reduction of inventories and waste elimination. Value stream covers the analysis of the material and information flows from the door-to-door perspective. The outcome of the analysis is drawing a “future state” map of how value should flow, using appropriate Lean techniques. The offer is addressed to the management of companies that want to start implementing Lean Manufacturing in a systematic methodological way. The workshops may be held for the production system of a given company. In that case part of the workshop will be conducted on the shop floor and participants will be mapping the chosen real value stream assisted by the trainer.


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